Resources to Create Your Budget

Resources and Methods to Create Your Budget

Preparing a budget is time consuming and requires you to be realistic. If you have a partner, take the time to prepare your budget together. It requires discipline to budget over a period of time in order to record all expenses incurred, no matter how small the amount.

Budgeting resources: online and paper-based methods

These methods were developed or recommended by consumer organizations and/or by members of the Credit Council of Canada. The following are descriptions of certain available methods we are not recommending one method more than another.


  • Grille budgétaire ACEF de l’Est de Montréal
    With this pocket calculator, you can assess your annual income and expenses. To access this tool, please visit the ACEF de l’Est de Montréal website (in French only*).
  • Home Budget — Credit Canada (Credit Counselling Service of Toronto)
    This is a calculator that will help you control your budget and determine where your money is going. To access this tool, visit the Credit Canada website.
  • La grille budgétaireOption consommateurs
    You can use this spreadsheet to prepare your monthly budget and financial updates. The calculations are done automatically. To access this tool, please visit the visit the Option consommateurs website (The tool is available in French only*).

Paper Methods

  • Budget Tracker Booklet – Credit Canada (Credit Counselling Service of Toronto)
    One of the most important keys to money management is knowing how your money is spent. This pocket-size booklet is designed for you to carry with you, and record all your spending for an entire month. To download a copy, visit the Credit Canada (PDF format, 98 KB, 12 pages) website.
  • Budgeting Made EasyACEF du Nord de Montréal
    Budgeting Made Easy accommodates all financial situations. It is simple to use and very effective for consumers who really want to start new on the right track. It comes with a step-to-step user guide explaining how to budget. This method contains grids, which will enable consumers to better evaluate specific expenses. Available in French and English. To order a copy, contact the ACEF du Nord de Montréal.
  • Finances personnelles 2010Les Éditions Protégez-Vous
    Developed in co-operation with the Association coopérative d’économie familiale (ACEF) de l’Est de Montréal, this practical guide suggests a simple, effective, five-step budgeting method, daily and monthly spreadsheets to manage your income and expenses, other helpful resources and a vast array of tips. To order a copy, please visit the Protégez-Vous website (in French only*).
  • Stretch Your Dollars: Budgeting Basics – MoneyMentors
    This workbook offers suggestions on how to budget and how to cut your expenses, boost your income, and access useful information, services and programs. To download a copy, visit the MoneyMentors (PDF format, 1.4 MB, 36 pages)website.