Credit Cards and You Series

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Want to save money and avoid problems with your credit card

Want to save money and avoid problems with your credit card? Understanding your credit card's benefits and risks, how your issuer calculates your interest charges and how you can benefit from introductory rates will help you make the most of your credit card

So you want a credit card

So you think you want a credit card but you are not certain if it is right for you. Well the simplest answer is if you can manage your finances and pay your complete balance off each month, then you are the perfect candidate for a credit card. If you plan on using your credit card as a means to finance your day to day living, then a credit card will not work for you.

Make your credit cards save you money

Understanding how your credit cards work and how they can actually benefit you is the key to making the most of this convenient financing option. Credit card companies do not want you to know or use these tricks because they want you to pay them interest and bank fees! If you follow the guidelines set out in the Credit Cards and You series produced by the Financial Consumer Agencies of Canada (FCAC) you will not only manage your credit cards effectively but save money as well!

Take some time to really learn how credit cards should be used and how you can maximize their value to you!